This blog is about the Gold Rush Randonnee, or more specifically, my effort to prepare for it.  The GRR is a 1200km ride put on by the Davis Bike Club every four years.  2009 is the third running of the GRR.  I’m trying to get body, mind, and bike together to ride it.

Before committing to the ride, the longest ride I’ve ever done is around 200 miles.  The GRR is closer to 750.  So, yeah, I’ve got some work to do.

I plan to categorize updates in one of three ways: Body, Mind, and Bike.

Body has to do with getting my body issues straightened out.  This means everything from taking care of miscellaneous chronic pain issues through Rolfing to find a saddle and pair of riding shorts that let me stay seated for longer than 12 hours.

Mind refers to training, which might be counter-intuitive.  Ultra-distance riding is more about mental preparation than physical.  In that sense, I am training in different conditions (night, rain, and pretty soon, heat) to be able to deal with riding more or less 24 hours a day, for more than three days.

Bike refers to the bike that Rick Jorgensen is building for the ride. I get to help out, which really means getting in the way.  But this is something he and I have been talking about for a year – well before I committed to ride in the GRR – so I plan to document some of tht process too.


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