GRR By The Numbers Total hours: 81 hours, 48 minutes Hours slept: Approx. 10 (at 7 different stops) Feet climbed: Approx. 26,000 ft. Riders starting: 105 total (88 riders for the 1,200k, and another 17 who were doing a 1,000k plus another 200k. Same distance, but there is a RUSA award (“Randonneur 5000”) that requires… Continue reading Postscript

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600k Wrap Up

I rode in the Davis Bike Club 600k on June 5-7. I should have written about it earlier, but haven’t had the time. Sorry. Long story short, as they say: rode it straight through without sleep. The ride was 378 miles (not counting the the 10-mile roundtrip to the start/finish). It took me 30.5 hours,… Continue reading 600k Wrap Up

Outbound leg

The ride started at 8pm Friday. This was my first nighttime start. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but nighttime starts are really hard. It’s one thing to wake ay 4am, get dressed, and start riding. It’s another thing entirely to have full day behind you right before you start. I took… Continue reading Outbound leg

Inbound leg

So, there we were. About 16 hours into the ride, fed and rested, sort of, and sitting at 3500 feet of elevation with nowhere to go but back down into the Central Valley. Things were looking good. We started out nicely away from Taylorsville and back to the base of Indian Valley. All was fine… Continue reading Inbound leg

600k Lessons

So here’s what I took away from the 600k. That 1200k is doable, but only worth doing if I ride it like a scheduled tour and not like a quasi-race. That means, simply, that I stop occasionally, eat, and sleep. On these rides, there is food at the controls. But it is largely the same… Continue reading 600k Lessons

Davis Double Century Debrief

So, here’s the last line of my last blog post: “Next organized ride is the Davis Double Century. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: I hope I can muster the self-discipline to ride it slowly. I’m already thinking of date bars in Winters, espresso in Middletown, ice cream in Guinda . .… Continue reading Davis Double Century Debrief

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400k Wrap Up

  Okay, so the Davis Bike Club 400k was last Saturday. It ended at 2332 for me, anyway (Brevets use a 24-hour clock). It was a good ride. Not as fun as the Fleche two weeks earlier, but worth riding. It began fast. I stuck with the lead group for the first 30 miles, and… Continue reading 400k Wrap Up

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Saddles Sores

  I haven’t experienced saddle sores. But I have ridden some miles on a pretty sore butt. I think surviving a 90-hour ride over 750 miles will require that I have a saddle I can live with. So I’ve been focussing on saddle comfort a lot lately. This weekend I am trying a new saddle.… Continue reading Saddles Sores

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DBC 400k

This weekend is the Davis Bike Club 400k Brevet.  This is the third of four rides necessary to qualify to ride in the Gold Rush Randonnee.  400k is right around 250 miles.  Plus, we just sold our Passat (thank god), so I’ll be riding to the start and home again after the finish.  It’s only… Continue reading DBC 400k