Fléche Velo Nor Cal

(Note: I re-dated this post so it appears at the top of the Fléche Velo posts.  It gives a general intro to the event, which seems helpful before you read bout the event itself.)   So, this weekend (April 11-12) is the Nor Cal Fléche Velo, hosted by the San Francisco Randonneurs.  A fléche is… Continue reading Fléche Velo Nor Cal


Packing for the Fléche, which starts in less than 12 hours.  And I just realized that all of my cycling clothing for the ride is wool:  wool underlayer by Patagonia; wool El Fitto 3/4 bib knickers and long-sleeve jersey from Ibex; wool blend socks from Ibis.  I’ve got a very bright (“Screaming Yellow”), synthetic vest  from… Continue reading Wool

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Status as of April 8

Just a post to say where things stand as I get this blog underway. So far, I’ve ridden two of the four qualifying brevets: the 200k and the 300k.  Both were in March.  Prior to that, I had ridden 200k Permanents in January and February, as well as a few unsupported centuries.  I’ve ridden in… Continue reading Status as of April 8